There’s always been something about the classic red rose. I wonder what it is, for surely it’s more than just the years of conditioning and marketing we’ve all been exposed to. There must be a pure and innate symbolism, intrinsic and irremovable from the rose itself, there before anyone ever started buying and selling, something that speaks of life and love with a strong voice, not sweet or insipid.

Simple. Classic. Strong. The red rose has no substitute, no other flower has the same depth of meaning attached to it, the same history, nor world-wide appeal. V-day, dare I mention it, is just two weeks away, no matter how hard we try, no other flower is as sought after as the red rose. But really, what could be more appropriate, as even the name Valentine means strength, and St Valentine was a martyr for his faith, and that is no fickle love.

Red Rose Buttonholes for a wedding.