We will be closing for the 25th, 26th & 27th of December, and also 1st & 2nd January.
Other days over the holiday period may be slightly shorter hours, but just call us… even if you need something on the 27th or the 2nd, you never know, we might just decide to come in…

It’s Christmas time again, the bell tinkles as the afternoon breeze comes through, and the little bird looks out our shop window at the world going by; how busy we all are, how tired. If you’re anything like us you will be feeling that although the end of the year has come too soon, it has not come soon enough! It’s hard to feel like celebrating when things in life are so difficult at times, but that’s why we need to celebrate! To remember the good things, and the most important things.

From all at Adam’s Garden, may the stresses of your year fall away, and may your Christmas be a joyous one.

We will be open right up until the 24th, and as usual will have a variety of arrangements and bouquets, plants and such if you require anything or for gifts… the Tillandsia in fishbowls and the carnivorous plants are something different if you’re after an idea…

Our bride has chosen a bright orange rose for her bouquet, we think it turned out quite lovely.

Bride’s bouquet with ‘wow’ orange roses, pearl pins, and ivory ribbon. Bouquet was natural stems and using only the rose leaves as a trim around the roses.
Bridesmaids bouquets were using ‘wow’ orange roses, and ‘advance’ ivory roses, using the spare fabric from the bridesmaids dresses to wrap the stems.
Flower girls had a traditional hair circlet using miniature or ‘spray’ roses in orange and ivory, with ivy and baby’s breath, or gypsophila

Or should we say ‘pet’?
We have been staring lovingly at this cute little carnivore. It is a ‘pitcher plant’ and quite exquisite in its own way. There are two types in store at the moment, this tall one, and also one called a nepenthes which is a strange sort of plant with hanging gourd-shape fly-capturing extensions coming off the ends of the leaves. What darlings!