You’ve got to love the little things!

The miniature phalaenopsis orchid is called ‘Little Miss Elegant’ and rightly so.

This is our newest experiment – dwarf papyrus in ceramic vase. Tall green stems with fluffy tufts on top.

This is most definitely what we love this week… a cute little plant which looks like a mini umbrella tree growing on a volcanic rock like a bonsai.

life on the rocks

(and of course, we should remind you, don’t forget Mother’s Day!)

Much love, have a happy week everyone, and a wonderful Easter, if we don’t talk to you before then.

Well, the secret isn’t a secret anymore! We’re pleased to announce that along with our usual Mother’s Day arrangements and bouquets we are offering two special packages for you which include Cupcakes from our friends at Cakes to Delight. These will be red-velvet cupcakes with buttercream icing and fondant decorations.
Package 1:

4 Delightfully decorated cupcakes, & a lovely bouquet of mixed seasonal blooms. ($50, delivery not inc.)

Package 2:
6 Delightfully decorated cupcakes, & a gorgeous bouquet (or arrangement) of mixed seasonal blooms. ($80, delivery not inc.)

Any questions? Contact us: (07) 5594 7774
Be sure to place your order for Cupcakes by Tuesday 3rd May to ensure availability.

More plants coming soon…including bromeliads, chrysanthemums, succulents, ‘life on the rocks’ and even a ‘wildcat red star’ orchid, ooh, and other curiosities…hope to have some photos for you soon….

Plus (shh don’t tell anyone yet!) Adam’s Garden Florist is teaming up with Cakes to Delight to deliver unique pleasures this mother’s day. More soon…