We sometimes get the curious question – can you get green flowers?
The answer is, of course. There are many different flowers which are available in green or which have a green tinge.

Flowers which are usually available in green include:
-carnations, roses, anthuriums, Singapore orchids, molucca balm, button chrysanthemums, and more.
Flowers which are sometimes available in green include:
-cymbidium orchids, heleborus, some native flowers including banksias, and more.
There are other specialties too including many kinds of berries and also kale.

Why green? Paired with white it is lush and cool, and with bright colours it can subtly unify and cool them as well. We know green isn’t for everyone, but in the right place it can be remarkably lovely.

Hiding here and there throughout the studio are some uniquely handcrafted floral bobby-pins and brooches. Yes, made here on the Gold Coast. Most are made from off-cuts of fabric, some vintage, some lace, some sheer.

We like to pin them on our shirts and cardigans and give them to our friends for a fun extra birthday pressie. They are just so cute…

Singapore orchids come in a variety of colours, though most commonly available in shades of white through to pink and dark purple.

Singapore orchid – small pin-on corsage

They can be a longer-lasting flower, and if wired in a wedding bouquet or corsage tend to keep their look and shape well even when out of water for a time.

Singapore orchid – boutonniere

Singapore orchids can also be used in arrangements and bouquets in many different ways. If you find they are wilting prematurely the entire stem, flowers and all, can be immersed in water to re-hydrate.

We have noticed that about this time of year, as the weather cools down, that there starts to be a greater variety of native flowers available, which is exciting as we love their unique forms and textures. In this week we have had different kinds of Proteas, Banksias, and Luecadandrons.


We just have to tell you quickly the red roses we have today are sublime! They are just about 90cm tall! Wowser! and the kind of red that is not dark or super bright, but full and soft, hard to describe, almost like the red you’d see as a post-production highlight in a vintage photograph.