Something like this is suitable for many occasions, from baby boy, to thank you, to sympathy. In this arrangement we have included white oriental lilies (to open), yellow gerberas, blue iris, white freesias, and snow berries, as well as xanadu, gymea and spinning gum for foliage.

We can’t help posting again about them… we’re so in love.

                    The Tillandsia Medusae is flowering!  How happiness!                    
Tillandsia Cynea in rustic ceramic with white pebbles. Another month till flowering.
Our darling Tillandsia Magnusiana in a fishbowl vase with sand, charcoal & grey shells.
…Care, humility, rank, and pride 
In the sight of the flowers are laid aside. 
Bright, oh! bright are a thousand shades, 
Crimson splashes and slender blades…
(From: The Flower Fair, by Po Chu-i, {A.D. 772-846})
Happy Valentine’s Day!

We should probably say something about how Valentine’s Day is next week, and how we will have wonderful flowers (particularly roses πŸ˜‰ and you should all come in and get some! But we don’t need to tell you that do we? We’ll just let these bears lure you with their cuteness.

If you would like a passionate speech about why red roses are so fitting for the occasion see our post: here

Something for a table or reception counter. Red anthuriums and white Singpore orchid in moss with happy plant leaf curled around.