Yes, they’re real living succulents in fishbowls… great for gifts and just for the home too.

plants in sand and pebbles

The main example here is a zebra haworthia – one of our favourite plants, very hardy and easy to look after.

Well, you all know about our penchant for air plants, we found some vintage glassware (including a pear!) to make up this wonderful trio…

air plants in vintage glassware

We like to show you the unusual flowersΒ  we sometimes have at Adam’s Garden, so this week we are giving you a portrait of an giant onion flower – the ‘allium giganteum’ or ‘allium ball’. Although, it’s far too pretty to have a name like that surely! Perhaps it should be called allium- purple mist, or something like that.

allium ball close up

allium ball

allium ball in tin

New this week are these curious hand written typographical funny and affirmative note cards. They are not a traditional open-up card, but a thick cardboard plaque if you will, with a message, ready for you to place somewhere to surprise someone and spread good feelings…

text cards i love you to infinity

text rawr means i love you

text card you are fabulous

funny text cards you and me equals awesome

There are more messages in store! Some of our favourites include ”Some days are just oopsy days’ and ‘I dig your moustache’