Hot on the heels of the Vday rush we did this wedding for a truly lovely client. Beautiful white lilies with a hint of green Singapore orchids bordered with lush viburnum foliage.

Bride’s Bouquet
Mini wrist-corsage for flower girl

Weddings are not our specialty, but one of the many things we do here at Adam’s. A big thankyou to Linda from Harbour Town Florist too, for her help sourcing these particular white lilies, which came out just beautifully in the end.

Roses can last you longer if you give them a little love. Simply put, flowers are just like us, they will last better if they have clean water, have the nourishment they need, and are comfortable.

When you receive a bouquet of roses follow these steps:

– Cut 2cm off the stem at an angle, this allows the stem to take water up better.
– Put straight into clean cool water, & if you have some, add a little flower food as per the directions.
– Position your flowers in a cool place out of the sun and wind.
– Change the water every couple of days, cleaning the vase.
When you receive an arrangement in floral foam follow these steps:
– Check they have enough water, & top up every couple of days, particularly in hot or dry weather.

Chocolate Hearts, mmm yum… and little glass message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle       ::      Chocolate Hearts

Write a wish and send it out to sea, or write a message and give it to your most beloved.             *in-store now*

We haven’t had a chance to photograph all the different beautiful things yet but here’s a little price and picture list of a few popular Valentine’s products for you.
Hope it helps… the prices may change a little, but it should give you a guide. Always good to phone or come in if you can, to see other possibilities and tell us exactly what you’d like.
Also, this is only the roses, don’t forget there are so many other lovely flowers to choose from!

Valentine’s Day Rose Pricelist 2011

(Click on the picture to see it larger.)