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What to get Mum? Hmmm…

1: A nice bunch of flowers? 2: An arrangement in a box? 3: A silk arrangement? 4: An interesting plant? It’s so hard to decide! We have all the usual things in cut flowers, with fresh flowers arriving every day this week. Orchids, chrysanthemums, disbuds, lilies,roses, etc… just have a think and call us when […]

Order now for Mother’s Day!

This year Mother’s Day is on Sunday the 13th May. We already know that gerberas will be scarce – they always are around mother’s day as the weather is getting cooler and as there’s such a high demand. But there are plenty of other flowers that are really lovely! Rose and Asiatic lily bouquet We […]

Croatian Crest in Flowers

We had a wonderful customer come in a few weeks ago, saying they had a tricky job for us. We love a challenge, and it was our privilege to be able to do this. The request was to make a traditional Croatian shield/crest as a floral wreath for a service. Including a ribbon inscribed with […]

Red Rose Wedding

We hope you enjoy this one… it was a wedding using all different shades of red roses. Red, red & red roses and glossy black berries as well as celosia to break up the texture A buttonhole/boutonniere simply with a rose and black berries. This time we used a black dart to hold the stem, […]

Cymbidium Orchids

We have been doing up some artificial cymbidium orchids in concrete/stone look pots, here’s a preview: Artificial cymbidium orchids in stone look pot. Great for home or office! Happy April everybody!

Native Flowers

Often when people think of native flowers they think of dull and lifeless, almost dry flowers, that although they will last well, may not be as attractive as other flowers. While this can sometimes be the case, we don’t like dull either, and native flowers don’t have to be! A native bouquet including banksia, protea, […]

Terrarium Deluxe

I’m sorry, I can’t help it – posting again about tillandsias! We really should put more flowers up here, but anyhoo… who wants to see flowers when you can see a Super Deluxe Terrarium! This is a vintage glass terrarium with white sand, incredibly burrowed driftwood, and three different tillandsia varieties. Have a great week […]


Here we have 3 small agave plants in a concrete/stone look pot. We like the lush and fresh look of them, just so simple and natural, and pure.

Upright Arrangement

Something like this is suitable for many occasions, from baby boy, to thank you, to sympathy. In this arrangement we have included white oriental lilies (to open), yellow gerberas, blue iris, white freesias, and snow berries, as well as xanadu, gymea and spinning gum for foliage.

More Tillandsias

We can’t help posting again about them… we’re so in love.                     The Tillandsia Medusae is flowering!  How happiness!                     Tillandsia Cynea in rustic ceramic with white pebbles. Another month till flowering. Our darling Tillandsia Magnusiana in a fishbowl vase […]

Crimson Splashes

…Care, humility, rank, and pride  In the sight of the flowers are laid aside.  Bright, oh! bright are a thousand shades,  Crimson splashes and slender blades… (From: The Flower Fair, by Po Chu-i, {A.D. 772-846}) Happy Valentine’s Day!

Next Tuesday is V-day!

We should probably say something about how Valentine’s Day is next week, and how we will have wonderful flowers (particularly roses πŸ˜‰ and you should all come in and get some! But we don’t need to tell you that do we? We’ll just let these bears lure you with their cuteness. If you would like […]

Re-writing the language of flowers 1: Sunflower

Recently I discovered an ancient book, tattered and falling apart, though it doesn’t have a date in the front I gather it to be from around the 1850’s. It is full of curious things, and amongst these a list of flowers and botanical specimens ‘with the poetical language each is supposed to convey.’ In other […]

The White & Green Album

For your pleasure – a selection of studio work and inspirations. Enjoy!http://static.issuu.com/webembed/viewers/style1/v2/IssuuReader.swf?mode=mini&printButtonEnabled=false&backgroundColor=%23222222&documentId=120106105627-560ad9d0d95e43b5866cbe2242149dd0

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

We will be closing for the 25th, 26th & 27th of December, and also 1st & 2nd January.Other days over the holiday period may be slightly shorter hours, but just call us… even if you need something on the 27th or the 2nd, you never know, we might just decide to come in…

Happy Christmas

It’s Christmas time again, the bell tinkles as the afternoon breeze comes through, and the little bird looks out our shop window at the world going by; how busy we all are, how tired. If you’re anything like us you will be feeling that although the end of the year has come too soon, it […]

A December Wedding

Our bride has chosen a bright orange rose for her bouquet, we think it turned out quite lovely. Bride’s bouquet with ‘wow’ orange roses, pearl pins, and ivory ribbon. Bouquet was natural stems and using only the rose leaves as a trim around the roses. Bridesmaids bouquets were using ‘wow’ orange roses, and ‘advance’ ivory […]

Our new friend

Or should we say ‘pet’?We have been staring lovingly at this cute little carnivore. It is a ‘pitcher plant’ and quite exquisite in its own way. There are two types in store at the moment, this tall one, and also one called a nepenthes which is a strange sort of plant with hanging gourd-shape fly-capturing […]