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Oh wouldn’t it be lovely!

To have flowers that would last forever and ever! Many years ago we used to be horrified at the thought of artificial flowers, but they’re getting better all the time. Our main focus is definitely fresh flowers, but it’s nice to see some different things in the silks. Here are some examples from what’s in […]

Wrist Corsages

Congratulations to the year of 2011! Stay safe and remember to go for your dreams no matter what! If you don’t get the results you want, remember there is always a back door or a window to get where you want to go. It’s up to you. Here are a couple of corsages from last […]

What we love about carnations

Now, we have never been big carnation fans, but they have been growing on us lately, and undergoing their own mini renaissance, if you will.Why? You ask. Let me tell you. 1. Carnations, generally, are fairly long lasting.2. They come in a variety of colours.3. They usually have a country garden fragrance which make you […]

The easiest way to remove lily pollen

So you love lilies but hate the pollen and the yellow stains! What can you do? Firstly – stop! Don’t rub it! Don’t wet it! We have found the best way to remove lily pollen is to get a piece of sticky-tape and dab it gently picking up the pollen. Not rubbing, just lightly dab […]

Snapshot: Gold Coast 600

Last week was hectic getting multitudinous table and reception arrangements ready for corporate suites at the GC 600. Here’s a few snapshots of some of the things that went out. Reception arrangement in tall square vase with: White Singapore orchids, white tiger (Asiatic) lilies, white roses, white carnations, molucca balm, tropical leaves. Table arrangement in […]

The best way to buy flowers.

What’s the best way to buy flowers? Is it cheaper to buy flowers online? We have been getting these questions more lately, so here’s our brief wrap-up for you.If you can’t get into the shop or are ordering something for a friend who lives a distance away, the next best thing is phoning your local […]

Soft pink tones

Lately soft tones seem to be very popular… here are just a couple of snaps from the studio… Also new in this week:  Goats milk soap – lovely and gentle and fragrance free! New silk flowers including: hydrangeas in lilac, green and white, white amaryllis (these are so sublime!), green cymbidiums, and succulents.

September Wedding

This is a wedding from a previous year, that was in early September. This is the bride’s bouquet, with the bridesmaids bouquets in the background. The bouquet includes roses, Singapore orchids, sweet peas & freesias, with camellia leaves informally through and around, and silver wire collar around outside. Bridesmaids bouquet includes roses, Singapore orchids, blue […]

Tillandsia Tillandsia

What are Tillandsias? They are air plants! Why do we like them: they are hardy and cute! Check out these little guys that are attracting comments in store at the moment, thought we’d put them up for you to enjoy as well: Small and medium sized fishbowl sand terrariums, the tillandsias remind us of beach […]

Card messages: Condolance & Sympathy

One of the hardest things is knowing what to write on the card accompanying your flowers, particularly on the occasion of a sympathy. We have collected a few suggestions to help you if you get stuck. Simple messages appropriate for sympathy might be: – We are thinking of you at this time– With our deepest […]

Media: Sunday Mail: U on Sunday magazine

It might not get noticed, but it wouldn’t be the same without it… You can see some work from our studio on the ‘U on Sunday’ front page photo for a feature article about up-coming Olympians. It is a simple laurel wreath head circlet, made with fresh miniature laurel leaves.

Silk Arrangements

The quality and range of silk/artificial flowers that are available is always improving. We have a range of silk flowers in-store, and are always happy to provide you with a quote if you are looking for something in particular that we don’t have. artificial roses and succulents arrangement artificial hydrangea arrangement