happy text note card plaque some days are just oopsy days

Some days are just oopsy days…

text note we go together like peaches and cream

We go together like peaches and cream.

make a wish note card

Make a wish!

If you haven’t seen the earlier ones check out this post: //www.adamsgardenflorist.com.au/text-cards.htm

Thanks for your super modelling bears! You guys rock (in a quiet happy way, which is the way we like…)!

Experimenting with ideas for how to use these funky candle vases…orchids floating in water came to mind, but there must be lots of possibilities!

Some weeks ago we were asked to do a very special white heart wreath with a feature.

close up of wreath flowers white

Flowers used: disbuds, Polaris and daisy chrysanthemums, freesias, arum lilies. Size: approx. 80cm across.

white wreath with feature