There’s always been something about the classic red rose. I wonder what it is, for surely it’s more than just the years of conditioning and marketing we’ve all been exposed to. There must be a pure and innate symbolism, intrinsic and irremovable from the rose itself, there before anyone ever started buying and selling, something that speaks of life and love with a strong voice, not sweet or insipid.

Simple. Classic. Strong. The red rose has no substitute, no other flower has the same depth of meaning attached to it, the same history, nor world-wide appeal. V-day, dare I mention it, is just two weeks away, no matter how hard we try, no other flower is as sought after as the red rose. But really, what could be more appropriate, as even the name Valentine means strength, and St Valentine was a martyr for his faith, and that is no fickle love.

Red Rose Buttonholes for a wedding.

Here’s some interesting ones for you…

We love native and tropical flowers, this selection includes Crab Claws, pin-cushion cordifoliums, anthuriums, Vanda, Spider and Singapore orchids, Ginger Beehives, luecadendrons,… and spray roses.

This week we have just got in some natural fibre wrap in many colours which we are excited to experiment with, and new Teddy Bears! How sweet they are. My favorites are a soft latte brown, and hold hearts where you can hide a little note. Also coming are helium balloons.

We always endeavor to have a variety of beautiful blooms for you and love to order in particular things for you if you have a special request. This week we have been advised that some of the growers have been affected by the floods, so certain flowers or colours may be in short supply. We will still be able to provide you with beautiful flowers, and if we don’t have what you request we will certainly recommend an appropriate alternative. We know you’ll understand, the growers and everyone else affected are in our thoughts.

We don’t usually have it in store, and it doesn’t have the best lastability as a cut flower, but stefanotis will always be special, it has it’s very own sweet fragrance and beautiful waxy white flowers. Most often it is used just as a hint through a wedding bouquet. It’s flowering in the garden right now and has lots of buds, so it must love this summer’s rain!

Just because we love it, Hydrangea is the flower of the day.
Happy New Year everyone, sweet wishes to you all…