Recently I discovered an ancient book, tattered and falling apart, though it doesn’t have a date in the front I gather it to be from around the 1850’s. It is full of curious things, and amongst these a list of flowers and botanical specimens ‘with the poetical language each is supposed to convey.’ In other words, the language of flowers.

We often get asked if certain flowers or colours have a meaning, and while I personally don’t take any significance from what is written about flowers and their meanings, but consider more what the flower is in itself – something beautiful, or unique, or interesting, or bright, I do find it interesting. But, consider my utter dismay when upon reading of sunflowers that their meaning is haughtiness or, if they are short, adoration.

Adoration, I can understand, but haughtiness? Desire, exultation, or striving, maybe, but the last thing I imagined a sunflower to be would be haughty. So, it is decided, from time to time we shall find an inappropriate floral adjective, and re-write it! Today we’ll start with the sunflower.

Flower: Sunflower
What it says: Chin up, cheer up, thank you, I love you, You are a true friend.
Availability: Most of the year.
If you need them for a particular day or occasion, phone us a couple of days ahead so we can get them in for you if we don’t have them. If they are not available, the next closest thing would be a yellow gerbera.

For your pleasure – a selection of studio work and inspirations. Enjoy!