These are a couple of small starter topiaries we have in store.Β  The first is the cutest figgy-vine heart and the second is a lovely ivy circle.

fig heart topiary

ivy topiary

This week’s flower profile is the Ranuncula Ranunculi Ranunculus! However you say it, we love them. A beautiful spring flower that some mistake for a rose, but it has a soft stem, and on closer inspection you will find it’s quite its own thing. It could almost be described a a tiny peony, in a way. But really, it is a tight bud that opens up in a burst of the softest, most delicate petals, and possesses a wonderful old-world charm.

Another way to display your tillandsias that’s so simple but so effective

tillandsia terrarium

These glass hanging globes are a lot of fun. We think they might just be the perfect gift for someone who has everything. We love the coastal coolness about them.

tillandsia terrarium

You can get these beautiful examples in store, globes also available separately if you had other ideas! Get creative!

New in this week are these natural soy candles from Missy La’Belle, aren’t they super gorgeous! And, to make it even better, they are another wonderful product made right here on the Gold Coast.

candles by missy la'belle

Fragrances include: French pear, orange vanilla, coconut and lime, lily and ginger.

candles by missy la'belle

We think a Missy La’Belle candle paired with a hanging tillandsia terrarium would be the perfect gift!