Often when people think of native flowers they think of dull and lifeless, almost dry flowers, that although they will last well, may not be as attractive as other flowers. While this can sometimes be the case, we don’t like dull either, and native flowers don’t have to be!

A native bouquet including banksia, protea, luecadendron, lily, celosia, gum.

We like the sculptural qualities of native flowers, and we like to combine them with other flowers, often vibrant tropical flowers which are also beautiful not only because of their colours, but because of their unique design. 

Native arrangement including banksia, protea, anthurium, luecadendron, spider orchids, wattle, strelitzia…

Bouquet, tall arrangement, table arrangement, you are only limited by your imagination! (and what’s in season, of course.)

A native arrangement including protea, luecadendron, celosia, button chrysanthemum, banksia, etc…

I’m sorry, I can’t help it – posting again about tillandsias! We really should put more flowers up here, but anyhoo… who wants to see flowers when you can see a Super Deluxe Terrarium!

This is a vintage glass terrarium with white sand, incredibly burrowed driftwood, and three different tillandsia varieties.

Have a great week everybody!

Here we have 3 small agave plants in a concrete/stone look pot. We like the lush and fresh look of them, just so simple and natural, and pure.