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For cheap flowers on the Gold Coast check out our shop. We have a range of affordably priced options available for delivery. We understand that sometimes it’s about the thought and not the size of the bouquet. Our online shop has some ideas, here you can also filter the products by price to only look at things within your budget. Click here for our current selection at $50 and under.

bouquet simple cheap flowers gold coastThere are more options than listed if you phone, or plan to pop in to pick something up.


Floral delivery to Gold Coast areas

Adam’s Garden Florist has offered flower delivery across the Gold Coast since 1975. How’s that for awesome?

For a overview of exactly which suburbs we deliver to please see our list here. There’s not many places we don’t cover – though some further out suburbs do attract an extra fee (we have to pay our couriers appropriately, of course.)

simple sunflower bouquet gold coast delivery

If you know someone that needs a special bunch just ask us, we’ll do everything we can to help.

We are centrally located in Parkwood, adjacent to the suburbs of Southport, Arundel, Labrador and Molendinar. This is also near the Gold Coast University Hospital, Gold Coast Private Hospital and Griffiith University.


If you have received a bunch of flowers, giving them the proper care can ensure they last longer.

Getting the most out of your flowers:

– Re-cut 2-3cm of the bottom of the stem when you receive the flowers

– Put straight into water in a clean vase

– Change the water every 2 days at least. – You may want to re-cut the stems at this time as well to encourage them to drink, as the cells at the original cut will be loosing their efficiency by now.

– If you received floral preservative or ‘flower food’ with your flowers, be sure to add this

– Keep away from draughts and direct sun.


If you hadn’t heard, there’s a heat wave going on. Our roses wouldn’t know it – they are pampered pretties – transported in water and kept in the cool. But, we understand the heat might still put you off fresh red roses. So what other options are there?

Ideas for Valentine’s Day other than fresh roses:

If you’d still like to send flowers, why not lilies, orchids, mixed flowers, or native flowers?

If you’d still like something classic, why not a preserved red rose in a glass globe?

If you don’t mind plants, what about a plant with a funny card messageΒ like:Β ‘Aloe, is it me you’re looking for?’

(We know, it’s corny, but what can we say – it’s Valentine’s Day!)

Check our shop for more ideas

Or go with the classic red roses anyway. They say Tuesday will be a cooler day – hooray!

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day flowers, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re after interesting flowers, classic Valentine’s day flowers, or just something simple, book now for pick up or delivery on the Gold Coast. Take a look in our online shop for ideas, or in our specially selected ‘romance‘ section (It’s corny, we know, but that’s what Valentine’s day is all about, right?).

If you can’t find what you’re after, why not give us a call: 55947774. We’ll do our best to help.

rose and lily bouquet

Above: An interesting bouquet with roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and gum.


Above: The classic standard red rose arrangement.

Rose Meanings:

Sometimes we’re asked about rose meanings. Usually I will tell you that you can give flowers your own meaning by what they mean to you. But, in case you’re curious, here are some basic meaning for the most popular colours of roses:

Red: Love (of course!)

White: Innocence, purity

Pale Pink: Sweetness

Hot Pink: Passion, desire

Yellow: Friendship

Red and white together: Unity