Here is an example of a floral arrangement for a signing table we did recently. The bride wanted the flowers to be the main thing, overflowing and full, and in colours to compliment her bouquet.

This is is in the same style as can be used for floral arbours. We are also able to make the arrangement so that it can be used as an arbour and then taken down to use for the bridal table. This can help to save on costs, for the budget conscious.

If you are getting married on the Gold Coast and are looking for a Florist, or for any other occasion, contact us and see what we can do.

gold coast florist arbour table flowers

Are you looking for custom flowers – something just right?
Here at Adam’s Garden Florist, in Parkwood, on the Gold Coast – we might be able to help. Why not give us a call and find our what we can do for you. We have a small daily selection, or, if you know what you would like in advance, we may be able to get specific flowers or colours in for you.

Adam's Garden Florist Gold Coast Flowers for delivery

Or, if you’re stuck for ideas – we have a nice selection in our online shop.

pretty flowers delivery Gold Coast Florist

We hope your Christmas is restful and fun, and that the year ahead is filled with good times and things that you enjoy.
We have enjoyed doing up all your special orders this past year, and only wish we were faster with the social media so that we could share even more beautiful things with you.
All the best –
the AGF team
P.s. be sure to follow our instagram for more pics!

bouquet in a vase, soft pretty florals. Gold Coast delivery
Hi folks, we’ve been busy pulling out lots of photos again. We have recently updated the bouquet in a vase item with more images to make it easy to see a few different styles of things that we do. Check it out here.
We hope you enjoy seeing the variety of interesting, seasonally available blooms on show. We certainly enjoyed using them!
Adios amigos. See you soon!

Jute bag florals. Yellow, orange, red. Gold Coast delivery.
Check it out, we have updated our hessian bag floral arrangement item with more pictures for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. There are so many options. Bright, pretty, cottage feel, pinks, jewel tones. Enjoy!
Click here to view the hessian bag product in the shop section.

A gorgeous arrangement perfect for the dining or coffee table. This compact style suits many different flower types. Featured here are disbud chrysanthemums, carnations and roses.
flower arrangement in vase Gold Coast delivery
To see other arrangements check out our online shop.

A little bit special

Sometimes you want something just a little more special. A vase arrangement of flowers instead of a plain bouquet can add a little more wow.

vase flower arrangement gold coast

This bouquet features roses, dahlias, tulips, ranunculas, and stock.

Order online

You can easily phone us, or order online for delivery on the Gold Coast. Flowers and vases will vary dependent on stock.

Sometimes it’s nice to send the complete package – a bouquet with a vase included. Simple and special.

bouquet in a vase gold coast

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day flowers, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re after interesting flowers, classic Valentine’s day flowers, or just something simple, book now for pick up or delivery on the Gold Coast. Take a look in our online shop for ideas, or in our specially selected ‘romance‘ section (It’s corny, we know, but that’s what Valentine’s day is all about, right?).

If you can’t find what you’re after, why not give us a call: 55947774. We’ll do our best to help.

rose and lily bouquet

Above: An interesting bouquet with roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and gum.


Above: The classic standard red rose arrangement.

Rose Meanings:

Sometimes we’re asked about rose meanings. Usually I will tell you that you can give flowers your own meaning by what they mean to you. But, in case you’re curious, here are some basic meaning for the most popular colours of roses:

Red: Love (of course!)

White: Innocence, purity

Pale Pink: Sweetness

Hot Pink: Passion, desire

Yellow: Friendship

Red and white together: Unity


We deliver to the Southport Lawn Cemetery. We can deliver for a funeral service, or to a certain plot if you just wish to send a thought.

For delivery to a service, please provide the service time, and the name of the company conducting the funeral.

For delivery to a specific plot please provide the section number, and the plot number for your loved one. If you don’t have this information you can contact the Gold Coast City cemeteries team.

white funeral flower spray gold coast parkwood florist

If you know what you would like to send, do phone us. Or browse our online shop for ideas.

Gorgeous informal arrangements in rustic wooden boxes by The Flower Box Man. By request for an event held here at the Gold Coast Broadwater.

rustic wooden box foliage arrangement parkwood florist

Customer requested mostly foliage with just a few white flowers. We love how they turned out!

We have used: Ivy, box hedge, hypericum, jonquils, fressias, spray roses, jasmine…. love love.

King proteas are amazing – white ones are even more amazing! Check out the architectural structure – these ones are just opening up, with the middle petals yet to pop to show you the finer mathematical inner parts.

king protea - white Gold Coast

Here we’ve paired them with lotus pods, anthuriums, tropical leaves and berzelia. Love love.

One of our favourite things to do is corporate arrangements – like this reception arrangement.

Gold Coast Florist corporate reception arrangement

Featuring green cymbidium orchids, white and green anthuriums, tropical leaves and some spinning-gum foliage.

Something that we overlook posting very much is the standard, all-around, box arrangement. Florals like this are part of our day to day work.

floral box arrangement white orange green gold coast florist

Because the flowers are pre-arranged and easy to transport and look after, arrangements like this a suitable for many different occasions – from birthdays to new babies, to sympathy and farewells.

gold coast florist parkwood flower arrangement delivery

Cheerful happy flowers!


It’s interesting sometimes to use plants in arrangements – taking advantage of their unique shapes. Here we are using agave and tillandsia plants in conjunction with tropical foliage and lichen sticks, with a few anthurium flowers.

Different arrangements of carnations with figs and interesting greenery.

carnation flower arrangement parkwood gold coast florist pink flower arrangemenr gold coast florist parkwood

Long native flower arrangement for a casket or altar.

long native flower arrangement

We often get requests for specific items to be made up in silk flowers – this one was a little while ago for a local Parkwood business. Lovely artificial roses, peonies and hydrangea mixed with real dried bark and twisted willow stems, arranged in silver tins.


This wreath was going to be put out to sea, so it needed to be completely biodegradable. We started with a structure made from the stringy twigs that are left after palm-fruit have fallen, tying them into a wreath shape with string. Then attached the leaves with cold glue, making sure to seal the end with the glue. After the leaves we attached the chrysanthemums and orchids in the same way.


Notes for this project:
– Make sure you have a good base – enough light twigs to make sure it will float.
– Use flowers that will be ok without water for a time.