October is just about to finish, which is so sad, we love October! So many beautiful things that only flower around this time of year, particularly the Waratah. It is such a distinctive flower, and would you know it, it’s even the floral emblem of New South Wales. We love it because of it’s bold structural form and vibrant red colour, although it does also come in white which is really special as well.

This week has seen a lot of cool new things come into the shop, notably some navy blue embossed paper *sigh* we are so enraptured with it, with white lilies it’s just sublime and reminiscent of the sea and all things nautical, which is a strange thing for floral design I must admit, but nevertheless we love it.

Also in are 15cm fishbowl vases, they are super cute.

Here is an example with Singapore orchids and doda vine:

Check it out – www.adamsgardenflorist.com.au

It’s just a page so far, but we hope to expand the site bit by bit, so check back now and then….