The quality and range of silk/artificial flowers that are available is always improving. We have a range of silk flowers in-store, and are always happy to provide you with a quote if you are looking for something in particular that we don’t have.

artificial roses and succulents arrangement
artificial hydrangea arrangement

by special request…

It’s not the best photo, but thought we’d share it with you. This wreath is more than 40cm across, and comprising more than 50 red roses, bordered with camellia leaves.

Large soft wreath with pink daisy chrysanthemums, white mini gerberas, roses,  & orchids…

Clockwise from top left:
Green cymbidium single stem plant
Zebra Haworthia in rustic ceramic
Dwarf Marigold seeds!
Fern in wooden box
Burgundy cymbidium plant, double stem.