A Gold Coast Florist talks about Roses and Fragrance

There is a misconception among many people we speak with who come into our studio, that roses these days are devoid of any fragrance. While this is often the case, there are some wonderful varieties that produce scent, and some, to an astounding degree.

‘Cottage’ style roses are the most likely to satisfy your aroma-craving senses. With many in shades of white, pink, and apricot, showing off a heady, traditional old-world rose scent. There are also some standard size blooms that produce a more subtle, yet sweet fragrance.

Also, there are some varieties of what we call ‘cluster’ roses, which yield soft to strong perfume (The darker magenta-pink roses in the picture below are an example of these).

So, if you are seeking fragrant roses, please ask us – and we’ll see what we can find for you. (But do give us some days notice for specific things.)

We recommend locally grown roses for the best fragrances – however there are some imported varieties that do still carry a scent.
roses bouquet Gold Coast Florist

We now have in stock these beautiful Keri soy candles.

keri soy candle gift for delivery Gold Coast florist

These are available to buy in-store, or as a special gift add-ons to your delivery from Adam’s Garden Florist on the Gold Coast.

You can buy them here now.

We are getting some galleries/boards happening over on pinterest. We plan to add more as time goes on. It’s an easy way to collect images together based on particular types of things you are looking for, this will have some good use for weddings particularly.

So far we have we have five boards, with more to come. Boards are – bridesmaids bouquets, flower crowns, wrist corsages, cake flowers, and buttonholes.

Check them out for yourself here.

native buttonhole wedding flowers gold coast

Is there anything else you’d like us to put up? Let us know!

Check it out – in the top five of the GC on Flower Delivery Reviews

Feeling special ๐Ÿ™‚

We will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Open Easter Saturday from 8.30am, withย limited variety ofย fresh flowers –ย Please phone to order.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend lovely people.



Hi there, we’ve just begun a new project and we’re very excited to tell you about it. We’ve opened ‘Little Plants’ – an online store that is another outlet for us to showcase our interesting living plant gifts, as well as other unique things.

You can check it out here:

little plants growing gifts gold coast delivery

This website will be another way for us to show people all we do here at Adam’s Garden Florist – we do so much more than just flowers!

Why ‘Little Plants’?

Because we don’t really do the big stuff. We’re talking cute and funky presents, not office floor to ceiling things…

Why another website? Why not just add the products to the Adam’s Garden one?

Most of the things on ‘Little Plants’ will be here on our main site, never fear, but hopefully this will help people who don’t expect florists to have cool things like this to find them…

love love

x the agf team

We were very excited to see the new Gold Coast University Hospital have it’s community open day last weekend. We could see many people walking past to attend, and heard lots of positive comments about the exceptional new facilities.

We’ve been thinking about how we can offer a good range of floral arrangements and other fun things that will be appropriate for taking to the hospital, or for delivery, when the hospital opens later this month.

If you have any ideas for what works well, do let us know!


agf team

We’ve been working really hard and now our online shop is finally here! Check it out!

Of course if you like to pop in or phone, we still love to talk to you, but if you can’t make it in the online shop hopefully makes it more convenient for you.

We will be adding more items to the shop as we go, and also tweaking it so it’s even better.


agf team