Just another example of a bright upright box arrangement. This one includes Asiatic lilies, iris, gerberas, and heliconias.

What are Tillandsias? They are air plants! Why do we like them: they are hardy and cute!
Check out these little guys that are attracting comments in store at the moment, thought we’d put them up for you to enjoy as well:

Small and medium sized fishbowl sand terrariums, the tillandsias remind us of beach grass. What could be more calm.
This is a larger tillandsia in a low white ceramic with pale grey stones and driftwood. and on the right, a small hanging fishbowl with small red-tipped tillandsia, sand and beachcomber objects.
A swirling shaped beach-grass-like tillandsia in hanging fishbowl with sand and shells.

A fine leafed tillandsia in fishbowl with sand and stones.

Another silk flower wedding! We love blue hydrangeas.

The bride’s bouquet and one of the bridesmaids bouquets.

from underneath.

One of the hardest things is knowing what to write on the card accompanying your flowers, particularly on the occasion of a sympathy. We have collected a few suggestions to help you if you get stuck.

Simple messages appropriate for sympathy might be:

– We are thinking of you at this time
– With our deepest sympathy, or, With our sincere condolances
– We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers
– In loving memory of …

Longer messages might include phrases like:

– We will always remember …, and the way they always ….
– May your many happy memories of … help to lift you through this difficult time.
– We extend to you our heartfelt sympathy on the passing of …
– …. will always be remembered, and will live on in our hearts forever.
– May they rest in peace.

But if you can, take the time to sit down and breathe, and find those simple words from the heart.
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It might not get noticed, but it wouldn’t be the same without it… You can see some work from our studio on the ‘U on Sunday’ front page photo for a feature article about up-coming Olympians.

It is a simple laurel wreath head circlet, made with fresh miniature laurel leaves.