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We will be open on Saturday the 24th December. We will be closing when we sell out.

Then we are closed from Sunday 25th of December, right through until we open again on the 3rd of January.

Wishing you all the most lovely and restful and fun Christmas and New Years.


the Adam’s Garden team

Gorgeous informal arrangements in rustic wooden boxes by The Flower Box Man. By request for an event held here at the Gold Coast Broadwater.

rustic wooden box foliage arrangement parkwood florist

Customer requested mostly foliage with just a few white flowers. We love how they turned out!

We have used: Ivy, box hedge, hypericum, jonquils, fressias, spray roses, jasmine…. love love.

This Flower Crown was a last minute request from a customer attending an Hawaiian themed party and wanting something bright.

flower crown bright


Something different and striking. Arrangement in a glass vase using ginger beehives, orchids, calla lilies, gardenia and draceana foliage.

Here at Adam’s Garden Florist we usually have a selection of small potted succulents available for individual sale. The very small 70mm ones are only available to collect in-store. If you wish to get a plant delivered to someone special there are other plants available for purchase here in the online shop (or by phone of course).


Plants we stock:

Our stock varies, but we try to have a nice selection of indoor plants and hardy plants, that are easy to care for.

Some varieties we like to stock (not always available):

Succulents (Haworthias, Jade, Crassula, Sedum, etc…)

Zanzibar Gem

Terrarium Plants (tiny philodendrons, ferns, fittonia, pepperomia, etc…)

Chain of Hearts



Air plants/Tillandsia


and other things as available.


*The popularity of some plants (especially the chain of hearts!) means that it isn’t always possible to have everything we’d like in stock, as things sell out or aren’t available from our growers until certain times of year.

People often ask us if we can deliver flowers to the new Gold Coast Private Hospital; the answer is yes.

How to order:

You can phone us on 07 5594 7774

You can order online in the shop

or, you can pop into our Parkwood studio to pick something out in person.

When we deliver:

We deliver 6 days a week. Delivery times vary. If you need a late delivery phone us first. Order before 2pm if possible, although we can usually accommodate later deliveries as well.

*Please note patients in ICU cannot receive flowers until they are transferred to a normal ward.


So delicate and pretty!

pretty ranuncula bloom pink

Hi there, we’ve just begun a new project and we’re very excited to tell you about it. We’ve opened ‘Little Plants’ – an online store that is another outlet for us to showcase our interesting living plant gifts, as well as other unique things.

You can check it out here: www.littleplants.com.au

little plants growing gifts gold coast delivery

This website will be another way for us to show people all we do here at Adam’s Garden Florist – we do so much more than just flowers!

Why ‘Little Plants’?

Because we don’t really do the big stuff. We’re talking cute and funky presents, not office floor to ceiling things…

Why another website? Why not just add the products to the Adam’s Garden one?

Most of the things on ‘Little Plants’ will be here on our main site, never fear, but hopefully this will help people who don’t expect florists to have cool things like this to find them…

love love

x the agf team

For a short time we had these cute little hanging vases, suitable for the smallest of plants. Here we have used a green pothos.

plant gift hanging vase gold coast

These make a great gift idea!

Check out our plant gifts in the shop or pop in or give us a call – there’s always more in-store than online…

We can deliver all over the Gold Coast.

King proteas are amazing – white ones are even more amazing! Check out the architectural structure – these ones are just opening up, with the middle petals yet to pop to show you the finer mathematical inner parts.

king protea - white Gold Coast

Here we’ve paired them with lotus pods, anthuriums, tropical leaves and berzelia. Love love.

Here’s something different – flowers on a frame for ‘welcome to the wedding of-‘

cottage roses on a welcome frame

We have used cottage roses, lisianthus and poppies, with some jasmine foliage.

See some more of our wedding work in our portfolio

Or flip through our instagram for more fun pictures

One of our hoyas in flower – A lovely waxy bloom with several flowers.

hoya in flower Gold Coast

Pop in to see what else we have in store – we are a real Gold Coast florist, with a walk-in floral studio. We have more in-store than on the website, feel free to come in and browse!

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One of our favourite things to do is corporate arrangements – like this reception arrangement.

Gold Coast Florist corporate reception arrangement

Featuring green cymbidium orchids, white and green anthuriums, tropical leaves and some spinning-gum foliage.

Something that we overlook posting very much is the standard, all-around, box arrangement. Florals like this are part of our day to day work.

floral box arrangement white orange green gold coast florist

Because the flowers are pre-arranged and easy to transport and look after, arrangements like this a suitable for many different occasions – from birthdays to new babies, to sympathy and farewells.

More green and white bouquets going off to an event at Broadbeach…

green and white bouquets

Don’t you just fall in love with the big, boofy white ones? These are one of our favourite blooms – polaris chrysanthemum disbud. The little green ones are also chrysanthemums – called green buttons. Love love.

From time to time we get requests for things that aren’t in season – this particular bride really wanted to have large, large peonies – which aren’t available until October usually, and they also would love hydrangea, which are traditionally best during the warmer months – so the solution, by request, is a bouquet mixing real and artificial flowers. Have a look at the result and see what you think:

mixed real and artificial flowers wedding bouquet gold coast florist

We think it’s pretty lovely, and in the photographs it will look superb. Everything in the bouquet is fresh real flowers except for the peonies and hydrangea.

The trick is using quality silk flowers, and combing them with complimentary real flowers. Here the real flowers we have used are roses, freesias, lisianthus, green sim carnations, green hypericum, as well as some ming/retro fern and other foliage.

Adam’s Garden Florist is a locally owned and operated Gold Coast florist. We are a small floral studio in Parkwood where you can come and browse our fresh flowers and plant gifts, or if you need something delivered it’s easy – just phone us (55947774), or order though our online shop.

baby boy flowers Gold Coast Florist

You can also find us on instagram (Follow us for pretty pictures! We’re fairly new at posting to instagram though, so do be forgiving… we promise not to post too much.)

Why choose Adam’s Garden Florist to be your Gold Coast florist?

Because we like what we do. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be here. We are also a ‘micro’ business, which means we’re very, very small, and that means our top priority is you, our customer.

Adam’s Garden Florist has also been on the Gold Coast since 1975, and has continually maintained a good reputation for reasonably priced, quality flowers.


Sometimes the most simple designs are the best – a lovely selection of fresh seasonal flowers in a glass vase makes a beautiful gift.

seasonal cut flowers in glass vase

This arrangement includes roses, disbuds, stock, oriental lilies, snap-dragons, carnations, and alstromeria, with a variety of foliage.

We try to always have a selection of curious plant gifts that you can pick up or have delivered on the Gold Coast, we try to choose ones that are hardy too – because we know how hard it is to keep plants alive in challenging environments, (like our air-conditioned, low-light shop… ).

pot belly fig in fabric

We have these pot-belly figs in fabric pouches from time to time. Check the shop to see what’s available, or pop in, we always have more in the store than on the website πŸ™‚

Native flowers are available for most of the year, however they are particularly prolific over the cooler months, with summer being the time of least availability. Some varieties come and go over the year but there are usually some varieties of protea, banksia, luecadendron and gum.

native flower bouquet

We usually have native flowers available in the shop. Do phone us if you are after something specific.