Here is a sunny bouquet we sent out to Ashmore last week:

sunflower bouquet

We can’t always get these lovely creamy cottage roses, but these are gorgeous! Simple bridal posy with trailing ivy around.

bridal bouquet posy cottage roses

These are some ceramic hanging pots just in, and we’ve found some funky succulents for them…

hanging succulent pots parkwood plants in pots delivered gold coast adams garden florist gold coast parkwood plants delivery succulents in hanging pots gold coast

Long native flower arrangement for a casket or altar.

long native flower arrangement

Button fern in a fishbowl vase… *sigh* … so ferny and nice.

A simple mix bouquet of white and green flowers – oriental lily, mini gerbera, hypericum, button chrysanthemum, and disbud chrysanthemum with lush foliage.


Portrait of an orange rose we have been able to get in from time to timeΒ  – we think it’s called ‘radiance’. Gorgeous colour!


We often get requests for specific items to be made up in silk flowers – this one was a little while ago for a local Parkwood business. Lovely artificial roses, peonies and hydrangea mixed with real dried bark and twisted willow stems, arranged in silver tins.



Bouquet includes white ‘icebreaker’ roses, apricot ‘carpe diem’ roses, and pale pink ‘sweet avalanche’ roses, with a trim of camellia leaves and white satin ribbon.

We don’t usually get asked to use bling, but this wedding was an exception. As well as using a mixture of real and artificial flowers to achieve the desired look, we used little pearl strands and diamante gems. We will post more pictures of this wedding in our portfolio section.


These make a great gift! A mix of a few different succulents in a glass fishbowl.


This wreath was going to be put out to sea, so it needed to be completely biodegradable. We started with a structure made from the stringy twigs that are left after palm-fruit have fallen, tying them into a wreath shape with string. Then attached the leaves with cold glue, making sure to seal the end with the glue. After the leaves we attached the chrysanthemums and orchids in the same way.


Notes for this project:
– Make sure you have a good base – enough light twigs to make sure it will float.
– Use flowers that will be ok without water for a time.