Did we ever tell you how much we love yellow roses?

Iris are unusual flowers, we like them for their uniqueness, as well as the fact that they come in the wonderful colours of blue and purple! What we don’t like about them is that we wished they would last a little longer! Although, some varieties do send up a second flower so you get a double show! Yay!

In terms of meaning, our ancient book of flowers lists Iris (particularly blue iris) as meaning: ‘My Compliments, I have a message for you.’ which we think is a very wonderful and appropriate meaning!

Most of the photos on our site are taken in the shop, this stunningly gorgeous rose however was photographed in a neighbour’s garden. So delicate! We couldn’t resist posting it, with an appropriate quote of course!

Another delivery going out… beautiful pink and white roses.


Another snap from the shop of a delivery going out… a mixed pink gerbera box. Cute!

gerbera box

At the last minute we were asked to create these 4 large arrangements for a wedding chapel. The shop was left in a mess but the arrangements came out quite lovely!

wedding chapel arrangements

another quick snap of an item going out for delivery… a lovely soft pink basket with roses, lily, gerberas, carnations, etc… (sorry about the picture quality! But hopefully the idea comes across.)

flower basket

This bright and tropical presentation sheaf is rather large and outrageous, but sometimes that’s just what you need!

We thought we’d upload a few snapshots from the shop over the next few weeks, just day to day happenings…

The first is a gift of plants sent for a housewarming.

housewarming gift