One of the hardest things is knowing what to write on the card accompanying your flowers, particularly on the occasion of a sympathy. We have collected a few suggestions to help you if you get stuck.

Simple messages appropriate for sympathy might be:

– We are thinking of you at this time
– With our deepest sympathy, or, With our sincere condolances
– We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers
– In loving memory of …

Longer messages might include phrases like:

– We will always remember …, and the way they always ….
– May your many happy memories of … help to lift you through this difficult time.
– We extend to you our heartfelt sympathy on the passing of …
– …. will always be remembered, and will live on in our hearts forever.
– May they rest in peace.

But if you can, take the time to sit down and breathe, and find those simple words from the heart.
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It might not get noticed, but it wouldn’t be the same without it… You can see some work from our studio on the ‘U on Sunday’ front page photo for a feature article about up-coming Olympians.

It is a simple laurel wreath head circlet, made with fresh miniature laurel leaves.

The quality and range of silk/artificial flowers that are available is always improving. We have a range of silk flowers in-store, and are always happy to provide you with a quote if you are looking for something in particular that we don’t have.

artificial roses and succulents arrangement
artificial hydrangea arrangement

by special request…

It’s not the best photo, but thought we’d share it with you. This wreath is more than 40cm across, and comprising more than 50 red roses, bordered with camellia leaves.

Large soft wreath with pink daisy chrysanthemums, white mini gerberas, roses,  & orchids…

Clockwise from top left:
Green cymbidium single stem plant
Zebra Haworthia in rustic ceramic
Dwarf Marigold seeds!
Fern in wooden box
Burgundy cymbidium plant, double stem.

Yes, you can have silk wedding flowers! Here are some examples from our studio, that were made by request.

White roses, purple vanda orchids. This was made for the bridesmaid.

Yellow roses, white spray (mini) roses, purple vanda orchids, and oriental lilys. This was made for the bride.

Our upright box arrangements are something we do every day. We can do them in a variety of flowers and colours, and they are suitable for almost every occasion.

These are two examples from earlier in the month, one with roses, lilies, lisianthus and iris for a sympathy, and one with natives and tropicals for an opening.

The cymbidium orchid is a beautiful flowering plant which flowers through the cooler months, is known for it’s long lasting blooms and range of interesting colours.
This one is in-store now:

We also have a single stem one which is a lemon-white. If you’re looking for a certain colour we’re always happy to see if we can get it in for you!

Random resident of the week
To warm up winter Adam’s Garden Florist will be delivering complimentary flowers to unsuspecting members of our community – do you know someone who deserves some cheering up or anonymous thankyou? Then nominate them to be our random resident!
What are the rules?
1: To nominate someone you must have made a purchase from us.
2: The person nominated must live locally.
3. There is no guarantee your nominee will be sent flowers.
4. Recipients, flowers, & time of delivery is made at our discretion.

Hyacinths are also in season now… lovely because of their fragrance.

Pin on Corsage for Mother of the bride, using pink spray-roses (miniature roses), green berzelia, camellia leaves & fresh willow twig.

Tulips are available to us here on the Gold Coast for much of the year, but generally speaking we don’t recommend them unless the weather is cooler. We have such lovely balmy weather most months and tulips prefer the cool.
There are some things you can do to help your tulips along, they seem to appreciate ice in the water. They have a tendency to naturally lean a little, particularly when it’s warmer, and ice can help them hold their heads up. Choosing a vase that will compliment their natural informality is also an option.

An interesting thing about tulips is that they don’t stop growing when cut, in fact their stems can grow an inch over-night! They start as tiny tight buds and develop into full flowers. Come in many colours and shapes from double petaled ones to frilly ones. The tulip also has a remarkably colourful history for a flower, see the Dutch Tulip Mania during the 1600’s, which is the basis for The Black Tulip, a novel by Alexandre Dumas in 1850.

Enjoy your day (and your flowers & cupcakes….)
From all at Adam’s Garden Florist.

Can you believe it’s already May?! And, Mother’s day falls this Sunday (the 8th), so don’t forget your Mum!

We will be open early, and as always you can arrange flowers to be delivered or collected in store.

If possible we recommend Saturday or even Friday delivery to ensure your Mum has the flowers to enjoy on the day, (as many Mum’s go out for lunch) however we will be delivering on Sunday as well.

Order earlier in the week if you can to avoid disappointment! (Also don’t forget if you were wanting a Cupcake package orders must be placed by Tuesday!)

Have a happy week! The Adam’s Garden Florist team.

You’ve got to love the little things!

The miniature phalaenopsis orchid is called ‘Little Miss Elegant’ and rightly so.

This is our newest experiment – dwarf papyrus in ceramic vase. Tall green stems with fluffy tufts on top.

This is most definitely what we love this week… a cute little plant which looks like a mini umbrella tree growing on a volcanic rock like a bonsai.

life on the rocks

(and of course, we should remind you, don’t forget Mother’s Day!)

Much love, have a happy week everyone, and a wonderful Easter, if we don’t talk to you before then.

Well, the secret isn’t a secret anymore! We’re pleased to announce that along with our usual Mother’s Day arrangements and bouquets we are offering two special packages for you which include Cupcakes from our friends at Cakes to Delight. These will be red-velvet cupcakes with buttercream icing and fondant decorations.
Package 1:

4 Delightfully decorated cupcakes, & a lovely bouquet of mixed seasonal blooms. ($50, delivery not inc.)

Package 2:
6 Delightfully decorated cupcakes, & a gorgeous bouquet (or arrangement) of mixed seasonal blooms. ($80, delivery not inc.)

Any questions? Contact us: (07) 5594 7774
Be sure to place your order for Cupcakes by Tuesday 3rd May to ensure availability.

More plants coming soon…including bromeliads, chrysanthemums, succulents, ‘life on the rocks’ and even a ‘wildcat red star’ orchid, ooh, and other curiosities…hope to have some photos for you soon….

Plus (shh don’t tell anyone yet!) Adam’s Garden Florist is teaming up with Cakes to Delight to deliver unique pleasures this mother’s day. More soon…

We sometimes get the curious question – can you get green flowers?
The answer is, of course. There are many different flowers which are available in green or which have a green tinge.

Flowers which are usually available in green include:
-carnations, roses, anthuriums, Singapore orchids, molucca balm, button chrysanthemums, and more.
Flowers which are sometimes available in green include:
-cymbidium orchids, heleborus, some native flowers including banksias, and more.
There are other specialties too including many kinds of berries and also kale.

Why green? Paired with white it is lush and cool, and with bright colours it can subtly unify and cool them as well. We know green isn’t for everyone, but in the right place it can be remarkably lovely.