Stuck for gift ideas – why not send a bouquet?

Some reasons why a floral bouquet is a good idea:

(We might be biased, of course! But here’s our list anyway…)

  • Flowers convey emotion. Like I’m sorry, or I love you.
  • Flowers can cheer or sympathise
  • It’s a gift that won’t last forever, but this transience is beautiful. (It also means the recipient doesn’t have to find a place for them and keep dusting them forever…)
  • Buying flowers from a brick and mortar florist shop supports local business. It also supports local flower growers.
  • Studies have shown flowers are good for your mental health (this article sums it up nicely) and even recommends colours better for calming or energizing.

We’re sure there’s more reasons, but that’s a start. Check out our shop for ideas.

floral arrangement in hessian bag