The most important things for cut flowers are: to have water, to be free from bacteria, to be away from heat such as direct sunlight or heaters, and to be away from draughts.

How you can help extend the life of your flowers:

Flowers in floral foam – make sure to check they have water every day or so, and top up with water as necessary.

Cut flowers – re-cut stems by about 2-3cm when you receive them and put in fresh water. If you like to add floral preservative you can do that too. Change the water every 2 days or so.

Different types of flowers can have special care requirements, so feel free to ask us for tips. We’ll list tips and tricks here as we think of them.

Tulip: if wilting or opening too quickly put ice in the water. They are a cool climate flower, so it can be hard for them in our warmer months.

Gerbera: gerberas and sunflowers have a soft, fuzzy stem that doesn’t like being wet, so if possible only put in shallow water of around 5cm, and re-cut the stem and top up the water as necessary.

Orchids: If wilting prematurely spray or soak in tepid water for 15 minutes or so. Unlike tulips we find that orchids like the water to be a little warm, only a little! Like hand temperature warm or a comfortable room temperature warm, that should help them to relax and remember their home in the tropics, breathe again, and pick themselves back up.


If you’re looking for specific flower care – do ask us! We’re here to help.