– Plant & Flower guarantee? We are nice folks and we expect that you are too. If for some reason you are less than satisfied and would like us to take action, let us know. However, once plants are out of our care we cannot take responsibility for how they are maintained. You must let us know within 48 hours if there is an issue. We stand by our product but also acknowledge that we are human, and plants are plants and flowers are flowers which are both fresh products which require the right care, maintenance & love which we give to all of our plants & flowers/products, once the plants/flowers have left our store they are out of our care.

– What details do you need for deliveries? What details do you need for deliveries? Each delivery order must have a contact name (for the recipient), delivery address and a contact phone number for the recipient receiving the order. If these details are not on the order, your order will be placed on hold and won’t be able to be delivered until these details are received, or if delivered without a contact phone number and we are unable to deliver an extra delivery fee will occur.

– Where do our flowers come from? All over the place. Some come from our hinterland and surrounds (tropicals like heliconias, ginger beehive, foliage…), Northern NSW (lilies, viburnum, magnolia…), Redland Bay (roses, gerberas, stock…), Lockyer Valley (roses, ranunculas…),  the rest of Aus (lots of stuff). Some special things even come from Africa (Kenyan roses! Oh my!), Asia (some anthuriums, some orchids and special things….) So, lots of local, but also all over. It’s about getting the best flowers we can.

– Do I have to buy online? No, the online shop is simply to make it easier for people who prefer to buy that way. Feel free to phone us or pop in, we like to talk to you too, in fact we like talking to you even better!

– Is your website secure? We have an SSL certificate for the checkout page and use PayPal when processing your payment for us.

– Do we do wedding packages? We’re working on putting some together, but we also know that you’re unique and are happy to give you an individual quote. See our weddings page for more info.

– What happens if no-one’s home when the order is delivered? If it’s safe and sheltered to leave,  plus we will usually call to make sure the recipient finds it when they get home. If it’s not safe then we will bring it back to the shop to arrange re-delivery or collection. Just let us know if after, or before, a certain time will be better and we’ll try to work around that.

– What if I’ve given the wrong address? Incorrect information which leads to the need for re-delivery may result in an extra fee being charged. Please provide full and accurate information.

– What payment forms do you accept? We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, also direct-debit on request (but payment must be cleared prior to delivery), and for pre-approved customers with a history of purchases with us we accept cheque, and account based ordering.

– Do you have a guarantee? Being an Interflora florist we offer their flower and delivery guarantee. We guarantee the freshness, flower quality and value of every order. Delivery will be made on the date requested so long as orders are received in sufficient time to complete the order (received by 2pm most suburbs), and we will make every effort to deliver your order at the times requested, though specific times cannot be guaranteed, nor can we deliver on Sundays or days such as public holidays when we are closed.

If for some reason you are less than satisfied and would like us to take action, you must let us know within 48 hours. We are nice people, and we stand by our product but also acknowledge that we are human and mistakes can happen no matter how hard we try to avoid them, and also that flowers are natural and susceptible to environmental fluctuations, so, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

– Customer reviews of Adam’s Garden Florist? Reviews of our service and product can be found on our Direct2Florist page. We like that the comments are there and not here on our website because we have no control over them, so you have the assurance that they’re real.

– Can we post silk flower items and gift items to other parts of Australia? Possibly. If you’re interested in a non-breakable, non-perishable item you have seen on our site feel free to phone us to discuss postage.

– Can you make this faq page any longer? Yes! We could, but we’ll leave it at that for now.